Beautiful OPEN BASE “INTEGRATION” Every Time!

These photos have been taken with an ordinary Digital Camera and have not been touched up.

If you want natural-looking, longer, thicker hair – it is possible with an Open Base “Integration” Hairpiece. A woman that is genetically thin or in the process of thinning; whether on the top, crown or back of scalp, etc. , is dealing with temporary or permanent hair loss. Due to this fact, Hair Extensions is not always an option. A woman can greatly benefit from this particular Hairpiece under these circumstances. Even so, a woman who also has naturally thick hair can also benefit from this type of Hairpiece.

Woman above has genetic thinning. In “Before” photo above, you can see the dramatic difference this Hairpiece has made. When it comes to styling her own hair and getting her hair to “hold” a curl, she now has the capability to achieve unbelievable volume. Her hair was 2 1/2-Inches on top and her goal was 4-Inches. She has accomplished her anticipated goal. Because of this, she is also very pleased with the end-result and so is her Husband.