Before and After : PONY TAIL HAIRPIECE

Beautiful Results with a PONY TAIL HAIRPIECE Every Time! 

These photos have been taken with an ordinary Digital Camera and have not been touched up.

If you want natural-looking, longer hair – for a “Special Occasion” or for every day purpose, it is possible with a “Pony Tail” Hairpiece. Add to your “Hair” Wardrobe with this convenient, fast & easy attachable Pony Tail Hairpiece!

A woman has MANY options with this Hairpiece

Wear it Up in a Pony Tail

Wrapped in a Bun


Curled with a Curling Iron

Diffuser capabilities with its “Natural” Body Wave

In “Before” photo above, you can see the dramatic difference this Hairpiece has made. She may never grow her hair this long but with High-Quality Pony Tail, she will never need to either. She has definitely accomplished her anticipated goal. Because of this, she is also very delighted with the end-result. By the way, she is also one of satisfied “out-of-state” customer’s.