Important question: Responsibilities and Guarantees

Responsibilities and Guarantees: 100% Human Hair Additions

One of the most frequently asked questions is:

“Do you guarantee your hair?”

Proper care of our hair, just like the hair on your head, is required to insure use. However, no matter what, in time the hair will “wear out.” Again, think of your hair. New hair is always replacing the old hair. Although there are really no guarantees in this business, there are standards and areas of responsibilities.

Check Before you Perm, Color or Cut

Now the responsibility transfers to you/your stylist. It is your responsibility to check any product that you receive. To check the processing of the hair, first shampoo the hair, then while it is still wet, lay it flat on a table top. Using a wide tooth comb, you should be able to comb through the hair easily. If not-STOP and call seller! To check the sewing or hand-tying, while the hair is wet, capture a small pinch of hair and apply a steady pulling pressure. If there is anything wrong-contact wish productseller immediately and we’ll work with you to see what the problem may be. Otherwise, if you find that the product is all that he say it is, you have now accepted the product as yours.


1. Correct processing of the hair. Has enough cuticle been removed to prevent tangling?
2. Correct sewing or hand-tying of the product, is it secure? Is it neatly done? check all of our merchandise, more than one time.

Taking care of the hair

You checked and have confidence in the quality of the product before doing anything to it. Now it’s important to take proper care of the hair because from this point on-it’s yours. Be sure to read and follow all the home care instructions given to you by your stylist.