Great Lengths Hair

Great Lengths: Why should I choose the Great Lengths System?
With its sophisticated high-tech laboratories in Rome, Italy, Great Lengths carefully researched and developed the patented technology used in creating these revolutionary pre-bonded human hair strands. Each pre-bonded strand is attached using a high tech applicator, which softens the polymer with an even temperature, so that it can be molded easily to the clients own hair, the molecular composition of the polymer is so similar to that of Keratin Protein in human hair, the integrity of the client’s hair is never compromised.  The polymer meshes with the individual hair strands rather than merely coating the surface of the natural hair.  The resultant bond is extremely resilient, allowing strands that will withstand the most vigorous lifestyles! With a molecular structure similar to human hair, bonds are light and comfortable to wear. The durable, patented polymer bond withstands the most active of lifestyles.Individually attached extensions allow extreme versatility.  Leaving ‘each’ individual section the ability to rotate up, down, back and forth: in a circular motion. The polymer attachment is grafted to the client’s own hair rather than coated with a hot glue or wax, resulting in minimal, if any, shedding. This makes it possible to wear your hair extensions up to 3-5 months whereas most methods need to be re-done every 4-8 weeks. The polymer bonds are the same color as the hair strands; the point of attachment is virtually invisible!The different sized polymer bonds permit application of very fine strands in areas where other hair systems could not be used because of the difficulty of disguising the point of attachment. With over 35 colors to choose from, matching your own hair accurately to the extension hair is easier!  Multi-color variations are more likely possible.Great Lengths is imperative to client’s seeking long-lasting, lightweight, individually attached Hair Extensions. Under what circumstance do you not recommend this method? Great Lengths is not appropriate for severe thinning in the front or crown area of the head and is not appropriate for systemic thinning. This situation may call for a hairpiece or hair integration system.Set up a Consultation appointment to determine what method is most appropriate for your hair addition needs.