Where does all this hair come from?

Now, you want to know; where does all this hair come from?

There are a number of sources:

China is the main source of hair.

China is the only Country that has a formulated system of collecting hair. The selling of hair in China has been a source of income for many, many years. They cut their hair and sell it to “collectors of hair” which then take the hair to warehouses to be sold. The hair is divided and graded (as mentioned on a prior page).

The second largest source is India.

This hair is known for consistent quality, its soft texture and for having a slight, natural body-wave to it.

  • Other sources of hair are Europe, Indonesia, Romania and Russia just to name a few. In most cases, the quantities are small limited and inconsistent.

Only the very best quality (grade) of hair will do! During the decolorizing process, some of the hair loses its quality and should not be used. Most hairsellers do not use or “mix” this hair together; eliminate the weaker hair altogether, and only keep the highest of quality human hair for the final product! THAT’S THE DIFFERENCE!
Hairsellers also offer “consistency” in the quality of hair addition products.